Bintel and Inveniam Partner To Enhance Liquidity in the Private Markets 

From 2017 to 2018, many of our subscribers came on during our work as Boulder Equity Analytics, applying AI and language technology to solutions for financial and competitive intelligence analysts. In early 2019 our strategy shifted beyond these capabilities, and we incorporated as Bintel Inc. with a focus on knowledge management, intelligence systems, and data informed decision making. Bintel’s work for commercial and government customers has included engineering, military intelligence, talent development, and survey analytics.   

As we worked to complete our new platform in early 2021, we got a call from our former partner Frank Walczak. Many of you know us through Frank. He introduced us to his new company Inveniam and after a year working together, Inveniam’s platform is up and providing the data layer for private markets to create provenance and transparency that enhances liquidity. is the data operating system that delivers access, transparency, and trust in the value and performance data for private market assets with an efficiency that rivals public markets. provides real-time access to trusted data unlocking greater price discovery, asset value, and liquidity. 

We encourage you to connect with Frank to hear the powerful, transformational capability of the Inveniam AI-Assist Pro solution.   

Our team has grown to 13 since the first of the year 

One of our key additions is Fred Fialco, VP of Strategy and Partnerships. Fred has been on board since the first of the year and is working to expand and strengthen our partner program.    

Fred began his professional career at Torray LLC, a Bethesda, MD based institutional money management firm. From 2007–2017 he was a portfolio manager of The Torray Fund, The Torray Institutional Fund, and institutional accounts. Fred left the financial industry in 2017 after a twenty-one-year career and moved out to Boulder, CO. Since that time, his efforts have been centered around community service and public safety. His activities in these areas include volunteer firefighting, EMS, technical rope rescue, ski patrol, and restorative justice. Through this work he met members of Bintel’s team and in early 2022, joined the company. His role at Bintel supports business strategy and development, partnerships, and marketing. Fred brings a unique perspective shaped by his career in finance including capital markets, economics, industry analysis, and competitive dynamics. 

Connect with Fred to discuss partnering opportunities. And I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Enjoy the rest of your summer. 


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Tom Marsh

Written by Tom Marsh

Tom serves as CEO of Bintel since cofounding the company in 2019. and as COO of ai-one inc since 2009. Tom led the Topic Mapper project for NASA MSFC and consulted on the RS-25 Engine Cost Reduction team. Tom led the development strategy and deployment support for text analytics, knowledge management and intelligent agent systems.