We approach every engagement as a relationship with the companies and people we work with. Our goal is to support their goals. Since we focus on big problems like sustainability or space, we embrace goals that are complex, broad and long term. Our approach is to attack them in short sprints with value delivered at every step. We would rather build something, deploy it, improve it, and move on to the next problem every four weeks.

The recipe is a bit different for each engagement but always includes data, technology, application development and subject matter expertise. Engagements come in small, medium and large (click HERE to request pricing). Each begins with the pilot (Preflight Workshop) and continues under a month to month contract.

Our engagement teams always include all or a portion of a data analyst, data scientist, UI/report developer, project manager, subject matter expert and use of our platform on AWS. Deliverables include data, analytics dashboards, reports and workshops.




Data Acquisition & Hygiene
This is the step that no one wants to do but couldn't be more critical to success of any project. It involves full understanding of all the client supplied data and the data sources acquired from external sources. This is also a step that never ends. The data analysts on our team are experts in acquiring, analyzing, normalizing and cleaning all data from all sources to make sure the data quality, frequency and availability will support the short and long term goals of the project. This includes working with the data engineers and configuring the templates for any compliance data ingested through our Trust Builder feature stack.

Data Schema and Fusion
At this step, our data engineers design the data schema for the project and to the extent possible, for the entire domain. If available, our team incorporates MDM and compliance with the client's data governance standards. The resulting schema is designed to enable fusion and cross linking of all data and facilitate the use of AI/ML technologies once in the data lake. This is a critical core competence of Bintel's team as they have experience with all data types and technologies.

Data Enrichment
Behind every data record or document, there is a larger story. Our data engineers and data scientists have extensive experience extracting all of the attributes from each piece of data. This includes extraction at ingest using entity recognition or sentiment analysis, but also post processing in the data lake for relevant matching with data from other sources. For example, finding research or company websites that match a product spec sheet. The resulting data lake accumulates significant proprietary value over time, facilitating more advanced AI and analytics.

Intuitive Investigation Tools
Our interactive visualizations, reports and research empower our analysts and client experts to explore the analytics, spot issues, highlight trends and accelerate research. We are experts at creating tools to support innovation and communication with all stakeholders.

PreFlight and Launch Workshops
We recognize the need to accompany data driven analytics with insight and answer the, “So what?” question for leadership. In addition to our Preflight Workshop delivered at the end of the pilot phase, we incorporate periodic Launch Workshops in all engagements to ensure we are facilitating the execution of the, “What Now?”. These workshops may include outside subject matter experts, potential partner companies, change management experts, and client personnel from other departments. 



To help clients understand the ROI of our approach and accelerate adoption, we deliver a workshop that  demonstrates the potential for new data sources, improved workflows and new ways to address oversight, traceability, compliance, research and communications. 

Similar to a conventional pilot, there is four weeks of acquiring data, setting up the platform and working with the client lead to plan a workshop agenda, attendees, objectives and deliverables. Typically virtual and scheduled for one day, it includes the following:

  1. Discuss internal and external data sources, data validity and cross department data gaps.
  2. Meet with leadership to outline top priorities and/or areas they'd like to make visible and track. 
  3. Meeting with Research to identify knowledge gaps, sources and reporting requirements.
  4. Demonstrate initial analytics and visualizations.  
  5. Review data findings and reporting to comply with management KPIs.
  6. Discuss format, frequency, and overall objective of the next phase. 
  7. Define the Roadmap Forward. 

Once completed, the client team will have clear deliverables, timing, priorities and multiple alternative applications scoped sufficiently to estimate ROI for future phases.

The Launch Workshop is typically two days at the end of each quarter, and specifically focused on implementation of programs or initiatives identified for execution by an extended cross functional team.



There is a major disconnect between the data available in organizations and its access to the data analyst, data science teams and the business leadership functions in the C suite. Our solutions provide a data driven methodology for business leadership to engage with cross functional teams. 

Bintel's team of experts in data management, AI/ML and cloud engineering provide high value/high consequence intelligence to government, aerospace, and leading commercial brands. We bring value to leadership teams to understand where the gaps are in their organizations and the opportunities to accelerate innovation.  


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