While we build sophisticated AI powered analytics, we never lose sight of our mission to provide clear fact based insight. The most intuitive way to "see" the insight is with Bintel Maps. 

Our team works closely with our clients to understand their challenges and obstacles to superior decision making. We apply targeted technology, data sources and subject matter expertise to deliver clarity and insights around these areas. Key elements of the Bintel approach are collaboration, speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a results-driven process. Each client relationship has their own dedicated team, and the application of Bintel’s capabilities will vary depending on their needs. Our process is transparent and grounded in truth, and the insight we deliver is crafted to be timely, accurate and tempered with decades of business experience.  Ok take me to the application!

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We fuse structured and earth observation (EO) data sources to provide continuous intelligence through AI-enabled Visualization, Monitoring, and Alerts. Intelligence enables better preparation, emergency management, and recovery to improve resiliency, save lives, and manage costs.

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Our AI-powered Learning Analytics solution integrates, links, and compares large volumes of data to provide valuable insights into learning analytics. 

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Our Platform was built to accommodate the Intel Cycle, starting with large volumes of dirty data from disparate sources and turning it into intelligence for leadership. Our talent solutions are focused on DEIA requirements.

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We provide intelligence for knowledge management, engineering research, mission planning and product management. Our solutions identify opportunities for commercial space companies. 


We founded our company with one simple goal in mind: to make information easier to access and use. Copious amounts of data and information are generated every day, but it is difficult to find what you need using a search engine. We want to give people the power to use collective information to do great things.

Successful execution of AI projects requires four critical elements: AI technology and expertise, data, domain expertise, and application capability. As a team with experience scoping and executing a large variety of AI projects for enterprise and government, we have demonstrated the ability to deliver cost-effective solutions on time. Our team has application development, operations, and domain experience in many different industries.  

We are agile and cost-effective - just ask our clients - we are easy to work with, flexible in meeting our clients' needs and we provide our services at a price point that works for everyone.

Combining proprietary A.I. technology with domain, analytics, and data aggregation/ transformation expertise, we help our clients achieve the increased productivity, efficiency, and insight necessary to take their decision-making process to the next level of knowledge-based performance. Using our proven foundation, our tools are tailored for each engagement, delivering a flexible, low-cost solution to our clients.



Our past work includes custom solutions for enterprise and government. These projects span operational solutions such as a customer verbatim classification project to strategic solutions, such as technology roadmap development for NASA. The sources of the data include public/regulatory filings, earnings call transcripts, databases, research repositories, SQL data, online customer reviews, email, news feeds, and even dream journals.

We can provide your team capability in data collection, cleanup and shaping for analysis, topic modeling, classification, attribute extraction, dashboards and web application or mobile apps for distribution of info/insights.



Gaining knowledge from what is hidden in your data will allow you to make intelligent and fact-based decisions that can make the difference between mediocrity and success.


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