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Drawing on many years of experience in predictive analytics, our data scientists can apply machine learning to your data to build and train models that can give you a glimpse into what might happen in the future, into which technology is sufficiently developed for use, into which piece of equipment is most likely to fail next, and when.

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Our Platform automates and augments your data extraction and collection efforts, accurately and efficiently, regardless of source or format. Using our AI-empowered tools and capabilities, Bintel supports activities such as document management, claims processing, asset pricing and valuation, partnership and fund servicing, audit preparation, and performance or financial reporting.

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Bintel’s sophisticated and complex data lifecycle management expertise is well suited for geomatic applications. We can construct highly scalable solutions that can handle the voluminous data for these types of projects. Our intelligence platform features widely distributed sourcing, architecture flexibility, and real-time adaptability. We can also extract or reverse fuse geo data from sources where it resides as dormant ‘dark’ data, bringing it to life and making it available for use.

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We manage data support from extraction to return. Our system and tools are easily integrated into legacy systems, allowing us to help your organization at any step in the data lifecycle. Security, access control, and AI/ML are applied at every step in the process. We will take your data in any format, whether in documents, spreadsheets, an internal company database, and everything in between. 

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Bintel uses an AI-powered Learning Analytics solution to integrate, link, and compare large volumes of data to provide valuable insights into learner analytics. We collect data from lesson plans, training materials, surveys, and numerous other file types to perform a detailed learner/program analysis, to save our clients time and resources.

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