In the past, Geospatial firms struggled with generating data from surveys, enhancements in LiDAR, HDS, and cataloging the raw data. The influx of new cameras, tools, and methods of collection demands firms stay relevant while also trying to gain meaningful data insights. Collecting and mapping across these systems can reduce organizational ability to process and analyze the massive amounts of data being collected. Once the collection is successful, substantial cleaning and enrichment may be required to transform unstructured or ‘dirty’ data for subsequent analysis.

To unlock the value of the data, gathered intelligence must be delivered to decision-makers. The challenge is providing intelligence to the end-user in a cost-effective, usable, and understandable way.


Our solution, Bintel Maps, is available now in beta for building, using and sharing map data.

Data Lifecycle for White Background

Bintel’s sophisticated and complex data lifecycle management expertise is well suited for geospatial applications. We can construct highly scalable solutions that can handle the voluminous data for these types of projects. Our intelligence platform features widely distributed sourcing, architecture flexibility, and real-time adaptability. We can also extract or reverse fuse geo data from sources where it resides as dormant ‘dark’ data, bringing it to life and making it available for use. Our data fusion capabilities are well suited to bring geo-coded data into new data sets; adding a new dimension.

Intelligence lacks value if it can’t be understood or integrated seamlessly into the decision-making process. Geographic data, by nature, is well suited for graphical display on maps, typically in the form of points, areas, and layers. Maps may be static or dynamic, interactive or hardcoded. Other methods of delivery include relationship graphs, 3-dimensional graphs, charts, histograms, and interactive dashboards.

Our solutions can support mobile device deployment, bringing real-time data collection to the field. Bintel offers a wide variety of means and methods to deliver data-powered insights. No matter what your objectives may be, Bintel can construct and configure the delivery of your geospatial intelligence in a customized and cost-effective solution.

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