Notes from the CEO’s Desk – Looking to Finish Strong in 2022 

This is the first of a monthly series on the latest developments here at Bintel to provide a little more color on the business and our offerings. The goal is to explain what we’re thinking and where we’re headed as we transition from an AI and custom intelligence developer to solution stacks for specific verticals. I also hope this will spark some dialogue so please comment if you feel the need. 

Bintel and its principals have been building and deploying solutions to intelligence problems using artificial intelligence for over ten years. Our projects spanned a broad range of clients but all involved measurement, evaluation, discovery to guide program development, and analytics on outputs, outcomes and contextual factors. While clients sought us out for our experience with the latest AI, the primary factor in successful projects was our ability to find the right combination of technology, subject matter expertise, and data, fused to deliver a concise set of data visualizations and reports. Time was always of the essence and requirements change constantly so agile methodologies, continuous recruitment, partners, contracting, good communication and quality assurance are core to our business. That’s a lot to deliver on for a small team but it’s beginning to pay dividends. 

Staff, Project Management and Subject Matter Experts (SME) 

While COVID kicked our ass, we held on to our team and thus far in 2022 we have grown from 5 to 14 personnel. Our staff is primarily in the Denver area where we have good access to university talent and a skilled labor pool. We have four remote workers including one in Baltimore with plans to increase staff in that region.   

As of today, nine are in development with the balance in project management, sales and marketing. Important for our government business, all of our staff are US Citizens fluent in multiple languages including Russian, Japanese and Chinese. We forecast our personnel requirements and onboarding ahead of contract award so as to meet demand for quick starts. A 14-day kickoff is normal for our team and our partners.   

SMEs and partners are essential to our solutions. We are committed to human in the loop design working with client and consultant SMEs building trust into our processes and into the solutions we create.  


Security, Certifications, Tools and Design 

With respect to security, we recruited a Security Manager who is working with our team to meet regulatory and certification requirements. The requirements for the first level of SOC2 is the first step in our roadmap. We plan to meet and acquire NIST, ISO 27001 and FedRAMP certifications for our organization and our application which is currently hosted on AWS. We use Jira for sprint management and have personnel assigned to QA of all deliverables. We run on Microsoft 365 and Slack. We have an expert in statistical analysis and analytics to ensure reports are sound. Our Head of Design ensures reporting is professional and meets the client communications needs for all stakeholders. 

International Network 

Our team has operating experience in many regions of the world, including Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, Central America and Europe. For specific projects we can find capable regional experience through our partner and personal relationships.   

We will also be highlighting our partners and key personnel in separate blog posts. We look forward to sharing more in future posts about our product/solution roadmap as we work through the customer discovery process. Again, please let us know what you think. 

Tom Marsh

Written by Tom Marsh

Tom serves as CEO of Bintel since cofounding the company in 2019. and as COO of ai-one inc since 2009. Tom led the Topic Mapper project for NASA MSFC and consulted on the RS-25 Engine Cost Reduction team. Tom led the development strategy and deployment support for text analytics, knowledge management and intelligent agent systems.