Partner Spotlight: AssetAssurance Monitoring (AAM)

Our partner spotlight today is focused on AssetAssurance Monitoring (AAM), a company dedicated to earth monitoring, risk assessment, event mitigation, and geospatial decision-making support. AAM and its team bring a wealth of deep domain knowledge and expertise to our Geospatial Intelligence Stack™, which, combined with Bintel’s technology platform, translates into powerful, relevant, and compelling offerings for customers. Geospatial Intelligence gives physical, locational context to data, and creates dynamic and insightful perspective for decision makers and stakeholders. Further, work in this area, aligns closely with our core company values of Embracing Community, being Earth Friendly, and establishing Truth. John Metzger, AAM’s founder and principal, shared some background on himself and AAM in the following Q&A format.


Can you give a brief description of AAM?

We use remote and terrestrial data to support asset value and safety – in Mining, Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy, Environmental and Geohazards sector activities.


What are your areas of expertise?

Satellite and Ground Based Radar, multispectral, ortho data acquisition, assessment and reporting.


How did you get into this field?

Back in 1982 – supporting a Tulane University and USAID - Africa food security project; (Famine Early Warning System) a pioneering applied remote sensing effort for policy and decision makers.


What types of problems are you interested in helping to solve?

Geohazards management and asset challenges and access to Safety, Operations, Production, and Waste management.


How does technology factor into the work you do?

We use tools that fit the solution. Data acquisition tools include microwave, infrared, multispectral and RGB imaging sensors.


What are some of the current trends in your area(s) of work?

Data aggregation, multi-sensor analytics, multiple revisits across days and weeks….not weeks and months. Creating deliverable reports and assessments that meet the client’s needs, and surpass their expectations.


How do you partner with other companies?

We seem to always make the 1st move. We are open, knowing our strengths and areas we cannot support – and welcome collaborators. We look for affinity, passion, and adding a skill or perspective we do not have, all for the client (end-user) benefit.


How long have you worked with Bintel?

We have been dating for two years now. 😊 Helping shape each other’s’ awareness, perspective, lists of opportunities, and engagements.


What solutions are you bringing to the marketplace with Bintel?

We continue to look at Geospatial and Geomatics measurements and data assessments through multiple acquisition outputs – creating a living space as opposed to a static space in remote data application areas.


What change(s) are you hoping to bring about through your work?

Repeat business from clients satisfied with an open, transparent and integrated data solutions. Adding value to their assets and assuring their ongoing business success.


For more information on AAM, visit their website

For more information on Bintel’s Geospatial Intelligence Solutions, visit our website

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Fred Fialco

Written by Fred Fialco

Fred began his professional career at Torray LLC, a Bethesda, MD based institutional money management firm. From 2007–2017 he was a portfolio manager of The Torray Fund, The Torray Institutional Fund, and institutional accounts. Fred left the financial industry in 2017 after a twenty-one-year career and moved out to Boulder, CO. Since that time, his efforts have been centered around community service and public safety. His activities in these areas include volunteer firefighting, EMS, technical rope rescue, ski patrol, and restorative justice. Through this work he met members of Bintel’s team and in early 2022, joined the company. His role at Bintel supports business strategy and development, partnerships, and marketing. Fred brings a unique perspective shaped by his career in finance including capital markets, economics, industry analysis, and competitive dynamics.