The financial services sector is one of the largest and most dynamic markets in the global economy. The competitive environment is fierce. Firms are perpetually faced with challenges around maintaining differentiation, regulatory pressure, and high costs of adopting and integrating rapidly evolving technology.

Financial products and services rely on data, making it critical to access and utilize. But not all data is created equally or integrated and analyzed effectively. Therefore, the typical path to developing data-driven approaches can be costly, time-consuming, and complex, inhibiting a firm’s interest and ability to pursue such strategies. 


Bintel manages your data needs across the data lifecycle to drive change and produce better insights.

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We work closely with subject matter experts to appropriately contextualize data. This results in the ability to automate and augment your data extraction and collection efforts, accurately and efficiently, regardless of source or format. Using our AI-empowered tools and capabilities, Bintel supports activities such as document management, claims processing, asset pricing and valuation, partnership and fund servicing, audit preparation, and performance or financial reporting.



Data can appear as numerical or take the form of text that can be valuable sources of information. Whatever the format, Bintel has decades of experience working with text and language, drawing meaningful insights from written documents, websites, libraries, and catalogs.




Solving Your Data Problems

Access to data can be a laborious and costly endeavor, often carried out manually. The risk of error in these operations is high, threatening the overall integrity of information or program effectiveness. Need assistance with relationship servicing, asset administration, back-office processing, and reporting? Let us help!


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