Knowledge Thread



Effective research requires tools that keep up with the specific demands of the individuals tasked with carrying it out. These include speed, specificity, accommodation of dynamic parameters, and openness. Activities are not always as clean and simple as finding a single answer to a specific question. Often, the questions that need answering aren’t known at the outset, they appear and change all throughout the investigative process. Information that is needed is not always found in a linear path either. Source material can be widely distributed in multiple locations and relationships between these sources can be complex and difficult to ascertain. To be useful and valuable, a knowledge library must be constructed to take all these factors into account.

Bintel’s Knowledge Extension addresses these requirements with the following: AI/ML-powered search, dynamic relationship mapping, advanced and metadata extraction, dataset fusion/reverse fusion, graphic visualization, and custom topic classification. The path to building knowledge requires knowing the right questions to ask. The right questions can only come after there is enough relevant information available to use. Our Knowledge Extension enables the researcher to obtain the right information, integrate it, and use it to build further understanding quickly and efficiently.