February 03 2020

Small Data Good, Big Data Sometimes Bad

I was hit with three articles this morning that cut right to the heart of some work we’re doing on domain specific knowledgebases. AI projects require data, domain expertise, good applications developers and the right combination of AI technology.


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January 27 2020

Top 15 Fintech Metros - Switzerland to the Sonoran Desert – Securities & Investments

Shelby Cullom Davis, “one of the least talked about, but most successful investors,” managed to parlay a 1947 $50,000 investment into over $800 million by the time of his passing in 1994.

A 23% compounded average annual rate of return. Not too bad.​


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January 13 2020

Better Guidance Starts With Better Forecasting

Happiness comes from exceeding expectations.

Happiness causes your stock price to go up.

Happy investors are a good thing.

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January 06 2020

Top 15 Metros – Fidelity Durham - Fintech Securities & Investments

In "places like ... Raleigh, you see a real concentration of brain power. You have a lot of smart people living in the same place. That will drive the economy", Steven P. Rosenthal, Northland Investment Corp.

And so will tax incentives.

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December 30 2019

Top 15 Metros - Wild in Omaha - Fintech Securities & Investments

Today, at least in the financial world, Omaha is probably most famous for being the home of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, "currently the 7th largest company in the S&P 500 Index by market capitalization and is famous for having the most expensive share price in history with a Class A share costing more than $250,000 each, having never been split.”

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December 16 2019

Negative Conference Call? Go Short (but not always)

Posts like “Facebook’s Q4: Conference Call Tone Matters More Than Results” in the financial press suggest that earnings call tone is important. And, invariably, the tone of the call does come up during the post call commentary and analysis. Were executives overly positive in their comments? Did they mean what they said? Did analysts’ questions tend be more negative? Were executives overly cautious in the words they used? Did they express a higher level of uncertainty?

Is tone really that important? And if so, can it be measured and scaled?

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December 09 2019

How Big is the Fintech Addressable Market?

Fintech, or Financial Technology, has been around for some time. Lately, interest has been gaining steam, particularly among venture capitalists but fifteen years ago, this was the abbreviation used when banking discussed its plans for IT spending, mostly back office infrastructure. When you hear the term now it’s #fintech, referring to startups threatening to disrupt traditional banking and financial industries. Blockchain (Bitcoin), digital lending, payments and robo-advisors are some of the most popular.

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December 02 2019

Context, Then Concepts, Words Last

Since Robert Scoble and Shel Israel just released their new book The Fourth Transformation, I decided to revisit Age of Context, a global survey of the contributions to the forces influencing technology. The five forces were mobile, social media, data, sensors and location. Scoble called these the “five forces of context”, the future of computing. The five forces are still there but hardly tamed and in the rear view mirror.

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December 02 2019

Good Concept Detection Requires an 'Almost Engine'

How many geese in this picture? You didn't need to count. Your answer probably contained the words “approximately”, “average”, “almost”, “sort of”, "guesstimate" or “about”. One of the most powerful features of your brain is that it does not treat language as math, a series of binary yes or no formal constructs. Humans are masters of writing the same idea in many ways, understanding what you meant even if you didn't say it perfectly. You also know when someone is being so careful with their words, they're lying (we're all tested on this one daily). This critical skill is used by analysts all the time.

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December 02 2019

Buzzword Overkill – AI is Not a Thing People, it’s a Discipline

AI, artificial intelligence, has been through several boom and bust cycles.  Today the pronouncements are everywhere with AI coming soon to everything from medicine to your underwear.  For those of us laboring in the dark for years, it feels good to be the most popular kid on the block.  Warning!  What the marketing gods grant, they can take away overnight.  
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