DEIA – What is it and why does it matter?

Great Resignation, Great Attrition, Big Quit or Great Attraction?

If odds are not odd, what about odds ratios?

Odds and probability…two sides of the same coin

Tableau Basics: SUM vs AVG

The Curse of Big Data

San Diego and COVID-19 … A Very Challenging Year

Efficacy vs Effectiveness of the COVID Vaccines…”tomato, tomahto”?

Knowledge vs Intelligence

Practical Time Series Forecasting – Data Science Taxonomy

How to Use AI to Become a Better Teacher

Rate the Recruits | Biographies

Rate The Recruits | Our Dog Intel Organization

Comparing Instructor or Trainer Performance

Learner Analytics for eLearning

Projects We're Working On | QAA

Projects We're Working On | NASA

AI ROI is from Lowering the Cost of Prediction

IoT, Smart Systems, Competitive Intelligence & Digital Transformation

Let consumers VENT in their own words!

Small Data Good, Big Data Sometimes Bad

Top 15 Fintech Metros - Switzerland to the Sonoran Desert – Securities & Investments

Better Guidance Starts With Better Forecasting

Top 15 Metros – Fidelity Durham - Fintech Securities & Investments

Top 15 Metros - Wild in Omaha - Fintech Securities & Investments

Negative Conference Call? Go Short (but not always)

How Big is the Fintech Addressable Market?

Context, Then Concepts, Words Last

Good Concept Detection Requires an 'Almost Engine'

Concepts are Key, Not Words

Read Faster? – Researchers Need To Retool to Compete

Buzzword Overkill – AI is Not a Thing People, it’s a Discipline

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