May 30 2023

Research - Hero In The Garage Can’t Do It Anymore

Research - Hero In The Garage Can’t Do It Anymore

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April 14 2023

To Space Symposium and Beyond...

Success in Space is About Innovation.

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March 15 2023

EXPERTS for the Space Ecosystem

EXPERTS - A Tool for Discovering, Expanding and Augmenting a Subject Matter Expert Network

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March 08 2023

Interactive Decision Tool for Space Architectures

Eureka Interactive Model Based Decision Tool for Space Architectures 

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February 24 2023

Powering Digital Transformation using Trust Builder

Finding Ground Truth in the Virtual Data Mess

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February 17 2023

Dynamic Portfolio Scoring

Aligning Investments with Strategic Priorities  

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January 27 2023

NASA Roadmaps Use Case

Doing Our Part to Develop Space - NASA Research 

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April 02 2021

Knowledge vs Intelligence

There is a subtle but important difference between Knowledge and Intelligence.  As with any buzzword, the more it is used the more it loses its meaning.  Sometimes it is very important that we are deliberate in our word choice to ensure that who we are talking to is on the same page. 

For example, if someone asks for you to do something there is a big difference between answering with "yes", "yeah", and "sure". All answers technically acknowledgement of willingness to do the task but the answers indicate your level of focus while being asked as well as your interest in completing the task, both of which may indicate your level of performance on said task.

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March 10 2020

Projects We're Working On | NASA

As the aerospace industry has new private competitors, NASA maintains the largest store of information relevant to the industry. With the most experience in missions to space and the largest infrastructure of researchers in the world, NASA contains a wealth of knowledge unmatched.

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February 03 2020

Small Data Good, Big Data Sometimes Bad

I was hit with three articles this morning that cut right to the heart of some work we’re doing on domain specific knowledgebases. AI projects require data, domain expertise, good applications developers and the right combination of AI technology.


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