May 30 2023

Research - Hero In The Garage Can’t Do It Anymore

Research - Hero In The Garage Can’t Do It Anymore

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April 14 2023

To Space Symposium and Beyond...

Success in Space is About Innovation.

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March 15 2023

EXPERTS for the Space Ecosystem

EXPERTS - A Tool for Discovering, Expanding and Augmenting a Subject Matter Expert Network

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March 08 2023

Interactive Decision Tool for Space Architectures

Eureka Interactive Model Based Decision Tool for Space Architectures 

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February 24 2023

Powering Digital Transformation using Trust Builder

Finding Ground Truth in the Virtual Data Mess

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February 17 2023

Dynamic Portfolio Scoring

Aligning Investments with Strategic Priorities  

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January 27 2023

NASA Roadmaps Use Case

Doing Our Part to Develop Space - NASA Research 

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May 31 2021

Tableau Basics: SUM vs AVG

First time users of Tableau often get tripped up over the default Tableau SUM aggregation.  Here is what I mean.

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May 27 2021

The Curse of Big Data

“Big data.”

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February 17 2020

IoT, Smart Systems, Competitive Intelligence & Digital Transformation

Earl Harvey, our resident Competitive Intelligence guru, sent over a brilliant article from Harbor Research (Smart Systems and IoT Growth Themes and Technology Trends to Watch in 2018), our neighbor here in Boulder CO. As an AI vendor, we’ve touched on IoT and Condition Based Maintenance issues before. Our role in the project was to integrate unstructured and structured data, teaching the machine to read text. But if you think of unstructured text as sensor output, the relationship between IoT and Smart Systems to our CI solutions becomes clear as a core element to digital transformation. In this post, I review the Harbor Research report from our perspective here at BEA but I encourage you to read the full report.


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