November 20 2020

How to Use AI to Become a Better Teacher

We want to say thank you to all of the current and aspiring teachers out there, without you none of us would be where we are today.  You have done this job without nearly enough recognition and you have inspired a love of learning in more people that you will ever know.

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November 16 2020

Rate the Recruits | Biographies

We want to share with you some fun facts about each of our recruits, let us know what you think!

We think that knowing their preferences will help you determine whether or not they are fit for different positions in our intelligence organization.  To learn more about the competition go to our blog post.

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November 10 2020

Rate The Recruits | Our Dog Intel Organization

During the mess that is 2020, our team has spent more time at home.  Due to their increased presence in our work life, we determined that offering our pets employment at Bintel is long overdue.

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November 05 2020

Comparing Instructor or Trainer Performance

We have talked about how learner analytics are beneficial to learners, trainers/instructors, departments, and organizations as a whole, but it's one thing to understand concepts and another thing to actually engage with a solution.

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October 08 2020

Learner Analytics for eLearning

As schools are forced to move to online learning, effective eLearning has become extremely important to students everywhere.  The classroom has obvious benefits that cannot be recreated online, but there are more subtle things that students may be missing out on that only they can articulate.  Instructors are doing their best and will continue to provide lessons, but they have no way of knowing if their new methods of teaching are working for students.

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March 12 2020

Projects We're Working On | QAA

There are copious amounts of text on all different platforms, but free text responses to surveys of any large volume can be one of the hardest and most time consuming to extract information from, when the exact language in the response isn’t important by itself.  

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March 10 2020

Projects We're Working On | NASA

As the aerospace industry has new private competitors, NASA maintains the largest store of information relevant to the industry. With the most experience in missions to space and the largest infrastructure of researchers in the world, NASA contains a wealth of knowledge unmatched.

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February 24 2020

AI ROI is from Lowering the Cost of Prediction

With the constant stream of articles, books and buzz over artificial intelligence, CEOs are under pressure to launch AI initiatives. And while AI has been around for decades, odds are slim that a CEO has any experience with this technology and/or how to assess the potential or manage and measure the return on an AI initiative. Bridging the gap between the transformational claims of AI proponents and the pragmatism of the AI “how to” guides is Ajay Agrawal’s book.


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February 17 2020

IoT, Smart Systems, Competitive Intelligence & Digital Transformation

Earl Harvey, our resident Competitive Intelligence guru, sent over a brilliant article from Harbor Research (Smart Systems and IoT Growth Themes and Technology Trends to Watch in 2018), our neighbor here in Boulder CO. As an AI vendor, we’ve touched on IoT and Condition Based Maintenance issues before. Our role in the project was to integrate unstructured and structured data, teaching the machine to read text. But if you think of unstructured text as sensor output, the relationship between IoT and Smart Systems to our CI solutions becomes clear as a core element to digital transformation. In this post, I review the Harbor Research report from our perspective here at BEA but I encourage you to read the full report.


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February 10 2020

Let consumers VENT in their own words!

This post is for consumers who take surveys (all of us!) and the companies that write them. As consumers, our days are busy as it is without companies hounding us endlessly with one survey after another. Do their stock questions and answers really get at your issues? Wouldn't it just be better for you to express to companies, in your own terms, in your own words? Companies, let them VENT!


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